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Thread: Hardy, AR Feud Subject of New Discovery Ch Series

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    Default Hardy, AR Feud Subject of New Discovery Ch Series

    From Hollywood Reporter:

    "The six-episode show, debuting Feb. 25, is set in the town of Hardy, Ark., which is described as something right out of the Wild West.

    Discovery Channel is headed deep in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas.
    The six-part show is set in the town of Hardy, which is described as something right out of the Wild West. According to Discovery, "This lack of progression has turned Hardy into a land where emotions and territory conflicts outweigh a law-abiding society as the townspeople fight to protect what is theirs." There, two local families are locked in a feud that dates back many generations."

    More from the release...
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    I love the little town of Hardy. I have no doubt that this stupid show will screw it up.
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    Public Notice: I am NOT related to any of these folk!
    (but apparently, both of those family names had some civil war-dodging ancestors that moved to the Ozarks)

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    Since the hiway bypassed Hardy a couple years ago, they probably would enjoy any attention they get.
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