29 Reasons to Use Coffee Filters for Survival
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Thread: 29 Reasons to Use Coffee Filters for Survival

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    Coffee filters are ubiquitous. They are inexpensive, light weight and readily available. Heck, you can purchase coffee filters at the Dollar store, Amazon Costco, the corner grocery and even on EBay.Now I will be first to admit that there are a lot of lists floating around with suggested uses for coffee filters but most include all kinds of uses that are nice, but irrelevant to the prepper. After all, if you are in experiencing hard times, or a survival situation, do you really care about preventing your fine china from chipping?
    Today I list 29 reasons why you should include coffee filters in your survival kit and preparedness pantry.
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    DaBee: Yeah - pretty good idea. I use them for making coffee, but who knows? Why not wallpaper a room with them in various and assorted colors - huh? - including Coffee color, lemonade, purple grapes, green grapes, eggplant, lemons, oranges, celery, sunflower yellow - and the list goes on.

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