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Thread: Tribute to fellow Eurekans

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    Allen Holmes, passed earlier this week, owned Certified Appliance. A lovely, much loved man.

    Condolences to his family.
    Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. ~ Steven Weinberg

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    Collette Bradt 1929-2016

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    I've been thinking about and missing Jeff lately. He was good friends with Susan and always spoke highly of her.

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    You know, tizzy, both Susan and Jeff were good and loving friends to my sister, Cynthia Emerson (known on GF as OvertheRiver and, later, Lamb Choppe). Cynthia did not have the opportunity to live for many years in Eureka. She was able to realize her dream and finally move to Eureka in 2007. Alas, due to some serious health problems, she left us in May of 2011. She truly loved her friends, Susan and Jeff. They were good to her while she was in Eureka. Good people...I miss them.

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    HappyToBeHere, I'm glad your sister was able to move to Eureka, but sorry it wasn't for a longer period of time. I did meet her once briefly and she was very nice! In fact, Jeff introduced us. He spoke fondly of her, also.

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    Randy Lindsey ~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~it's all about choices.

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    Kim Yonkee is offline Ward? Don't you think you were a little bit hard on the Beaver?
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    I met Randy when he worked at Diamond Lilís and his two then-little urchins were running up and down the stairway between Lilís and my (then) store. Randy was always a downtown guy in my mind, whether he was selling frog-themed merchandise or mixing chocolate martinis.

    A few years ago, Randy and I grabbed a lamp made out of a coronet at the same time, both thinking ďOoh! That would be perfect for Caleb!Ē We decided to split the cost and present the gift jointly. That lamp still occupies a proud position at Casey & Calebís house and, somehow, that Ozark picker moment always came up whenever I saw Randy. If I hadnít had that moment, I would probably never have understood the photo on Calebís EP.

    Randy loved paprika gravy beyond all reason. I think the Bavarian Inn might have it on their regular menu by now but there was a time when the Bavarian only made paprika gravy for Randyís birthday party.

    Randy and I were members of the same tribe from the moment we met, even before we ended up being kinda related by not marriage. BOBspeed Randy. Eureka was richer for knowing you.

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    Manny Ortiz

    Manny died 5 years ago today and here's what was written about this: "On Sunday March 17th starting at 6pm, Caribe will host a life celebration for Manny Ortiz and all are invited to attend to celebrate the life of this most remarkable man. Music starts at 7 - Thanks Angelo! More details will be forthcoming, but please plan to attend. Cash donations will be accepted at the door or if you can't be there, Chief Earl has stated he will accept donations at the Eureka Springs Police Department. For any of you out-of-towners that would like to donate, please contact Earl Hyatt at the PD, KJ Zumwalt at KJ’s Caribe Restaurant + Cantina or Jan Ridenour via either email at"
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~it's all about choices.

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    As we move our clocks forward today I thought it would be nice to look back at a long list of Eurekans who touched so many lives while on earth. If you see any misspellings, duplicated namers or wrong names please let me know. Happy Trails fellow Eurekans.

    King Gladden
    Marty Roegnik
    Christine Moon
    Ned Shank
    Charles Hammer
    Joel Murray
    Michael Flanigan
    Molly McGuire
    Sam Smith
    Sonia Smith
    Bennett Dilahay
    Sloan Dilahay
    Sykes Equine
    Manny and Vernon
    Kelly Buck
    Singing Sara
    Chuck Crowder
    Sky Lolo (Mike Reed)
    Jim Hovland
    Lester Armagost
    Will Brito
    Gary Parrish
    Billy from DeVitos
    Mary Sims
    Jenny Williams
    Henry Jacque
    Mark Walker
    Mary Fidelis
    Joe Rust
    Carolyn Green
    David Willitis
    Sue Chipouras
    Shane (Razz-Ma-Tazz)
    Lou (Razz-Ma-Tazz)
    Jimmy Adair
    Marta Mc Clung
    Brenda Bourne
    Margaret Amussen
    Chris Amussen
    Louie Crider
    Gary Beach
    Ross Sackett
    Gloria Muzio
    Billie Mc Gehee
    Dr. Carr
    Glenn Gant
    Elsie & Louis Freund
    Boone Huffman
    Glen Wallace
    Nancy (Nafalia)Garcia
    Mike Alexander
    Dolly Madison
    Doug MooreJohnny Joe
    Don (Grumpy) Payne
    Micheal Gallagher
    Jim Justice
    Larry (the comedian)
    Edd Jeffords
    Paul Goodspeed
    Bob Deitchler
    Becky Riley
    Bill Godfrey
    Audrey Marie
    Joshua from Basin Park
    Duck Lenser
    Ed Stowers
    Richard from the Crescent Hotel
    Helen...Ranaga's mom
    Mike Drennon
    Bob Hartman
    Larry Sheridan
    Chris Klein
    Billy Gene Birchfield
    Terry Glen Birchfield
    Claude Dale Patterson
    Virginia Tyler
    Len Smith
    Otto and Amy Mayer
    Berince Thomas
    Tommy Thomas
    Lester Armagost
    Jim Rose Blackfeather
    Marletta Rhodes
    Buddy Habig
    Luis Da Rosa
    Randy Johnson
    Jayne Helms
    Laddie Joe Harp
    Bobby Ball
    Kelly Buck
    Edna Bergdorf
    Albert Harp
    Zoe Harp
    Steve Shell
    Ruth Eichor
    Annie Clark
    Jerry Stamps
    Sid Boutwell
    Colonel King
    Royal Alcott
    Bert Alcott
    Arnold Feyh
    Monya Von Savage
    Bettina Whitman
    Mrs. Berry Eagle Thomas
    Ronnie Colvin
    Nadine Beck
    the Rag Lady
    Blondie Clark
    Boogan Wilson
    Mabel & Leland Marlin
    Clyde Perkins
    Lois Bales
    Tex Belt
    Bonnie Lela Crump
    Frank Green Sr.
    Virginia Carey
    Fonta Mackie
    Berenice (Tommie) Thomas
    June Young
    June Moncravie
    Polly & was her husband Jeff Rynerson?
    Jeanette Bullock
    Clell & Marguerite Mc Clung
    John Mayberry
    Verna Mayberry
    Zollie Page
    Richard "Dick" Farar
    Loretta Farar
    Susan DeVito
    Steve Hunt
    Preston Smith
    Donna Sutton
    Ed Rambo
    Linda Ott
    Jim Garrett
    DR John Spurlin
    Ace Woorley
    Don Faurbus
    Kathy and Robbie Getzendaner
    Perry Douthit
    Barbara Southwick
    Carole Miller
    Kathryn Strand
    Mary Wickersham
    Brother James
    Ryan Thomas
    Ellen Chalmers
    Jim Pile
    Jeannie Ramu
    Mark Ulrich
    Alan, Zollie's husband
    Skip Addkinson
    Bill Penn
    Jamie Schrum
    Dan Shepherd
    Roger Pope
    John Petty
    Steve Colvin
    Glenn Gant
    Glen Swedlin
    Art & Jen Baier
    Katie & Joe Roderfeld
    Edith Friar
    Katie & Russell Clay
    Glade & Mary Alice Miller
    Jane Gurkin
    Ron Pederson
    Richard Banks
    Indian Dennis
    Ruth Cross
    Jerome Rosewater
    Ludel (sp) Faulkner
    Ruby Head
    Fern Rae Abramson
    Rudy Schwartz
    Martha Coddington
    Louise Berry
    Bud and Lulabelle Bohannon
    Jewel Bohannon
    Pauline Wilson
    Bob Feagins
    Don Kennet
    Miriam McKinnie
    Claude Bingham
    John and Pauline Hilton
    Danny Paulette
    David Foddrell
    Larry Miers
    Bill Hill, former mayor of ES
    Mary & Donovan Pedelty
    Carolyn Green
    Crows Nest Lady
    Floyd Miles
    Alexa Roy
    Olga & Raymond Lindblad
    Joe and Penny Sherman
    Ron & Jerry
    Joe Parkhill
    Sharon Hamm
    Charlie Marshall
    Bob (Plumb Bob) Owen)
    Mark Relyea
    Vicky Cooley
    Gloria Muzio
    David Deal
    Don Thurman
    Truey Walsh
    Jim Hovland
    Sheila Kearns
    Dewayne Holeman
    Paul Eddings
    Sid and Lenora Anderson
    John "Jack" O`Neal
    Von Comer
    Gary Parish
    Skip Addkinson
    Annie Apple Van Marm
    Jo and Tillman Morgan
    Carol Frost.
    Kenneth aka Domino
    Billy Barrnet.
    Brenda Borne
    Dude and Rock Shop Charlie
    Dan Dunn
    Elmer, Jack, and Earl Bohannan
    Sid Boutwell
    Ruth Spear
    Tina Franklin
    Mickey Wise
    Ralph Green
    Theron Pursley
    George Becker and wife Sylvia
    Bart McCord
    Danny Stoppel
    Jerry Stoppel
    Roger Henry
    George Christman
    Charlie Hopkins
    Heidi Bottomley
    Sue Darby
    Kyle Davis
    Wyndall Kelley
    Josh Johnson
    Vance Kelley
    Bobby Webber
    Shar Boren
    Amy Vidnovic
    John Cabrera
    Ellen Capo
    Joyce Murray
    Floyd Pendergraft
    Delores Weber
    Emily McCollough Pearson
    Sherry Gerster
    Lindy Avocette
    Clyde and Ada Capps
    Peggy Martinson
    Doug Munyon
    Randy Sellars
    Rod Taylor
    Rev. Paul Hansen
    Danny Strickland
    Ira Whitney
    Mike Demontier
    Maestro Gambino.
    Jimmy Riggins
    J.Michael Kanouff
    Phyl Shimaka
    Richard Bloch
    Carra Hardin
    Betty & TonyMafei
    Richard's Sutterfield
    Donna Mae McCarty
    Bill Shaw
    Bill Poe
    Jason Rainey
    Tinker Miler
    Lynda Sue Oliver
    Jim Bird
    Mike from PackRat
    Dorothy Short
    Warren Keck
    Eugenia Keck
    Jack Clancy
    Cindy Emerson
    Ken Bates
    George Deign
    Jeff Thatch
    Curtis Liberty
    Chris Epley
    Bill Voiers
    Jim Wilder
    Steve Garrison
    Harlan Petter
    Gary Eagan
    Carra Harden
    Calvin Holland
    Shelia Serrat
    Max Elbo
    Tony Walker
    Barry Buchanan
    Jimmy Adair
    Jamie Martin
    Cindy Rogers
    Jim Duffy
    Joyce Zeller
    Dan Sweeden
    Roger Jones
    Doc Keeler
    Bill Carmichael
    Captain Don Mc Guire
    Bill Earngy
    Chaffyn Lovejoy
    Roger Howard Johnson
    Royal Alcott
    Miss Margie Ridenour
    Lee Keating
    Montana Widener
    Patrick Brammer
    Frankie Gill Sutter
    Kay Halper
    Richard Kelley
    Jim Allison
    Teresa Boydstun
    Gary Clarke
    Elena Rachel the potter
    Sarah Ann Moore & her partner Kate
    Pat Griffith
    Pat & Louise Mesa
    Gary Galloway
    Art Hatcher
    Bea Tiedeman
    Tex Belt
    Manny Ortiz
    Charles Gay
    Pat Carmichael
    Jan Echols
    Ed & Judith Leswig
    Bobbie Bates
    Sarah Larson
    John Robie
    Jack French
    Mary Jane Fritsch
    Susan Chamberlain
    Parker Raphael
    Allen Holmes
    Collette Bradt
    Randy Lindsey

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandvideo View Post
    Allen Holmes, passed earlier this week, owned Certified Appliance. A lovely, much loved man.

    Condolences to his family.
    What a lovely person he was too. We will always feel poorer for the loss of his presence.
    Our hearts go out to his wife and children to whom he was a trainer of the pack. Hugs all around, my li'l dream house on 11 Hale.


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