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    Contractor's Poly wheelbarrow, 6 cu. ft. capacity- $30.00
    Metal storage cabinet, 60" long, 30" wide, 30" high 10 1/2" deep, 4 drawers Great for storing gallons of paint and naptha, etc. Heavy, 2 men to lift it with a pick up. $35.00.
    Titan 1500 watt heaters. $5.00 each.
    Sentry Valueguard 1380 safe on casters. Very heavy will take 2 men to lift it with a pick up. $35.00

    Fire Extinguisher 5 lb. $7.50.
    Fire Extinguisher 20 lb. $10.00.
    Contractor's hanging light 3250 Watt $5.00.
    Stihl nearly new MS170 Chain Saw w/ 5 new chains. $200.00.
    Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower. $35.00.
    Lots of hand tools.
    Lots of gardening tools.
    Tons of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc.
    Plumbers tools.
    New Reciprocating Saw/with a pack of 15 blades. $30.00
    Multiple option towing tie down chain. $10.00.
    1/4", 20' long chain. $7.50.
    3/8" air impact wrench. $15.00.
    American made hard hat. $5.00
    25' Trouble light. $7.50.
    Benzomatic propane torch with new cylinder. $6.50.
    Trailer wiring stuff. $2.50.
    White shelving, 5 ft high X 3 ft. wide. $17.50
    Ratchet tie down straps. $1.00-$2.00.

    Lots of home stuff for the ladies.
    Drop leaf wooden table and 2 rattan chairs.
    2-Red Chrome kitchen chairs.
    Precious Moments.
    Artificial flowers.
    Christmas ornaments
    Hot water carpet extractor
    Hoover floor polisher w/ 2 brushes.
    Assorted yard sticks
    Steamer trunk
    Mining cart
    Brass ware
    Milk Glass
    Lots more
    White shelving

    140 Ward rd.
    8 miles west of Eureka

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