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    Default Antique Columbus Show Case Display Case 450.00

    I'm reworking my shop and no longer have use for this lovely Columbus Show Case antique display Case.
    This ole gal is in need of some TLC but all in all it is a stunning piece.
    She has a sloped glass front and glass sides. One of the sides has been replaced with wood but the mould is intact for glass to be inset. The top is tempered glass and in great condition. The rear door are of glass and on sliding tracks. One of the shelves is original and the second one is just a random creation. All 6 legs are intact and sturdy.
    On the front she still has the Columbus Show Case brass plate.
    All in all she is great but needs some time and love. Feel free to message me for more details.
    CASH or Credit Card accepted with additional $10.00 Charge. Valid ID with matching name on Credit Card required.
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    Very nice, Bear. I love old showcases. Still have several 100+ years old huge pieces from my hardware store days. Some day I'll find a use for them..... or my grandchildren will, maybe . Possibly I should consider selling them like you're doing!
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