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    Found some photos at the entrance to the cemetery and scattered along Hwy 62. Photos included a couple of couples with 1940's dates on the back, a couple of photos of young ladies that looked like they may be from the 30's and photos of farm equipment. Also found was a page from the Lovely County Citizen dated 11/09/2000. This included the following obituaries: 1)Randy Sellers 47 2)Evelyn R. Epley, 89 3)Rev Paul Holger Hansen 83
    I had seen a white car at the cemetery earlier with Ohio plates so I assume these might have fell off the top of their car when they were leaving.
    If you know who these might belong to please contact me on here so I may get them to the owners.
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    Why not just turn them in to the P.D. because if someone had lost them that's where they would check to see if anyone turned them in.
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    irondragon - might I suggest that you let the PD know what Festus posted in case he missed your post? That way someone inquiring at the PD might find out that their photos have been found.
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    There is a lot of stealing going on all over the county. Those pictures could have been tossed by thieves.


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