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    Anyone have damage from the severe thunderstorm last night? We had some tree tops down on the driveway and heavy stuff (steel swing & chairs) rearranged on both decks but no major damage. Lost power at midnight-thirty and it didn't come back on till this morning around 8:30, ran on generator till about 11:30 (needed to run it anyway). Have heard that there were several tornadoes touch down in the Berryville area but haven't been able to confirm that yet.
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    3 data points: (from Buck Mtn area)
    1. Around 11:30 pm or so we had a HUGE wind gust that seemed to shake the whole house. This morning our dock had been torn loose from one of its moorings. Wind was too high today for me to get it back into position. There was some minor structural damage; when the winds abate a little tomorrow I will try again to move it. Ran on generator from ~11:30pm Fri to ~1:00 pm Sat.
    2. A neighbor and his wife did a damage tour and he reports that across the road from Chana's was a pole down and there seemed to be a lot of chicken house roof tin and possibly some of that shorted across the 3-phase lines in the area (one phase of which serves us out on 108/152.) He is a very knowledgeable guy and his assessments are usually pretty good.
    3. Ms Grunch and some friends went to Theatre Squared today in F'ville and she reported that along the way, roughly from Huntsville to Chana's, there seemed to be a somewhat narrow path of debris, trees down, chicken shack roofs peeled up, etc. She said it might have been straight-line winds or tornado, no way for her to tell. This would, however, be consistent with suspected tornadoes in B'ville (Huntsville-Chana's-B'ville).

    Just my 2 cents, FWIW.


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    Also in the Buck Mountain area here - lots of limbs down but nothing structural. We are a bit protected in our spot by surrounding woods but it definitely tore the tops of some trees up. We couldn't get out our back door without clearing limbs and debris. We had no electricity for about twelve hours, it came back on just before we were going to be forced to eat all three boxes of Fudgesickles.

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    I sure have not heard much about anything around Berryville. All I know is that I have limbs down and my shop has some panes blown out from windows. My electricity was off for no more than five minutes. I live on Hwy 62 in Bv.


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