Miss Savilatea Grace deChorum is now Miss Taken I Dentity
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    When I learned of Ron's passing I logged in here and just wrote what's been going on with me. I was almost done, pushed a wrong button and poof will just have to start all over again.
    My reign on Geekfest was during the terrible twos (2000 to 2006) when hiding behind usernames things got vicious and mean. Ron was the even keel for me. Finding this story book town I couldn't understand why it closed up after fall foliage and tried using this forum to bring my passion of living history and Christmas only to be shunned and feel unconnected. On June 30th 2015 (actually an anniversary cause Facebook sent photos ) I closed my costume shop & knew it was well past time to go. I have since learned it's all about perception not reality but I still suffered with PTSD for my experience. With this unfulfilled vision I moved into a verbally abusive relationship and hung onto what I could of my extensive collection for over 2 years. Noticing brain fog and depression I changed my diet (have since lost over 45 lbs ) and started on a quest to find a historic town .Then Eureka! In Sept last year I moved to Excelsior Springs a twin sister of a town 30 minutes from KC based on healing waters only more Art Deco. The Elms hotel even does haunted tours. Opened Miss Taken I Dentity Vintage and costume Shoppe at 216 S Marietta the old drug store.
    Michelle McDonald

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    Hope you find happiness. Some in this town can love you and then turn on you in an instant. Mainly greed is the culprit. Good luck with your new business. Visit us once in awhile. We're always changing.


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