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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBee View Post
    I'm getting a bagpipe worth of Ballinger wind here:
    I wish I could but I don't do facebook anymore - they want me to sign in and join the group to see what's written there.
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    Thereís an (older) article on the ArkTimes about this. A snip:

    This is the tangle, then: Ballinger's law firm is helping Ecclesia fight to shield documents related to the GIF [general improvement fund (public)] money from public view. And some of that money, yes, was directed by Ballinger while he himself was working as an attorney for Ecclesia, allotted to a land deal closed by Ballinger. In the legislature, Ballinger pushed a bill that could potentially be a shield in such a lawsuit. No disclosure of conflict was filed on any of this. Given this tangle, we might question whether the matter is as simple as taking off his "attorney hat" and putting on his "legislator hat."
    Itís a long article with lots of details if youíre interested. Basically, it isnít illegal for a lawyer to send money, as a legislator, to one of his own clients. Ballinger hasnít been charged with anything. But. It was all a kickback scheme in which the former Ecclesia President and former AR state senators and reps have been convicted on federal corruption charges.

    Ballingerís involvement, then and now, is suspect at best. Youíre not missing anything on Facebook. Itís mostly people asking Ballinger WTF and him whining back that they shouldnít believe libtard fake news like the Blue Hog Report.

    One thing about that though... this note from the Blue Hog about who actually issued title insurance:

    The second detail was that the person who printed the stamp and/or made sure it was for the correct amount put her name and address on it, and the listed address was 1521 Merrill Dr, Suite D-220, Little Rock, AR 72211. That turns out to be the address of Wilson and Associates, one of the largest foreclosure firms in the state, located in Little Rock, which was also a licensed title insurance agency at the time.
    Not surprising.

    Montgomery Whiteley in Brrvul seems to be the local real estate agent for properties in or near foreclosure. They have most, or maybe all, of these listings. Ballingerís [cough] title insurance company worked with Rocky W. The seller of our house listed with Rocky so we got stuck closing with Ballinger...which was a stunning festival of incompetence carried out in a dark conference room with no light bulbs. Iím definitely going to take another look at our title insurance policy.

    But the Wilson & Wilson foreclosure mill > Berryville real estate > perpetually in foreclosure Ballinger relationship existed at the time, not just on this one Ecclesia deal. Kinda dimwitted, but probably not a smoking gun.

    I did notice, however, that Ballinger lost among the folks who know him here in Carroll County.


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