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    The Donald was originally very pleased with Samantha Bee's comment--he thought she was quoting him from his Access Hollywood tape.

    But Gen. Kelly really got Donald's twitter fingers a'twitchin when he told Donald that the first syllable was spelled with an "e", not a "u", and showed him how to look the word up in Webster's.

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    I think Samantha was merely quoting Ted Nugent. Although he doesn't know the word "feckless," he was quite prolific with the use of the second word when referring to Hillary Clinton. At that time, Trump said those who took issue with Nugent's use of the word was "Fake outrage." I'm sure that's still what he thinks because he's a stable genius.

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    Donald Trump is on record at least 3 times using the same word with more malicious intent against people to demean women that did not have top security clearances or posing/publishing loving photo of them and their lovely child while her dad was tearing babies, toddlers and kids from the arms of mothers with the same love from their arms. Is the word right? No. Is it a bigger deal when the candidate or President uses it than a comedian going after hypocrisy? Yes x 10.
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