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    Arrow Buffalo River Watershed Alliance Update

    The Past, The Present, and the Future -in flow chart form

    After the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality denied the C&H application for a Regulation 5 permit, the factory farm filed an appeal. The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance and the Arkansas Canoe Club together intervened in support of the permit denial. The flow chart below outlines what is happening now and the tentative schedule for the future.
    It should be noted that the denial is based largely on voluminous submissions made during the public comment period.
    1Deposition - out-of-court testimony made under oath and recorded for later use in court.
    2Interrogatories - formal question or inquiry: a written question required to be answered under court direction as part of the pretrial process
    3Summary judgment - a move by either side that the basic facts are not in dispute and therefore a trial is not needed. A summary judgment is based upon a motion by one of the parties that contends that all necessary factual issues are settled, and therefore need not be tried.
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    Enjoy the Buffalo before it becomes the "Hog Poop Swamp".

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    This should be attempted here.

    Families who live near a hog farm in Bladen County, N.C., have been complaining for decades about bad smells, flies and excessive chemical spraying. But on Thursday, they finally scored a huge victory in court. A federal jury awarded the neighbors more than $50 million in damages
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