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    Five & Dime Drama Collective will host LatinX Theatre Project for two performances this weekend, 7:30 pm Sat 4/28 and 2:00 pm Sunday 4/29 at Main Stage, 67 North Main.

    "Pay what you can" with proceeds to Purple Flower Domestic Violence Resource Center.

    This is an innovative, rapid-paced work of performance art combining drama, comedy, rap and hip-hop to explore contemporary issues of personal and community relationships.

    Five & Dime has historically produced shows that were primarily locally written, directed, and acted; this is an experiment to find out if our community is interested in seeing other NW Arkansas artists perform in our venues.

    This performance is PG-13 and in English.

    Hope y'all can come.

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    I hope you have a great time! This is what Eureka is about.


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