Am I the only one?
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Thread: Am I the only one?

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    Default Am I the only one?

    In remembrance of Bill V. I have been wondering about this.
    What is the meaning of the large white crosses that are being painted on different driveway entrances around the area?
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    ID--no, you're not the only one.

    Ms. Grunch worked for a transportation engineering firm in her previous life and suggested that these may be marking the corners of sections or quarter sections, for use in aerial mapping.

    That's her guess. My theory is that some of my neighbors are making sure I see crosses regularly, in a (futile) effort to save my soul.

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    My guess, they are reference points for medivac helicopters. I have noticed them at many intersections.

    Or maybe they are landing points for the upcoming alien invasion.

    After all, the aliens have obviously already taken over the government and are well on the way to destroying it.
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    I'm thinking that it is a sign post for the young men in suits and ties riding bicycles to know that that address has been dealt with and they can just keep moving on down the road to tout their wares.

    Or, like Hermie says, something to do with the upcoming alien invasion. Maybe a 'take me first' indicator.
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