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    MISSING DOG! 1 year old golden retriever, answers to Scout. Lost New Year's Eve in Grassy Knob Area near Beaver Dam. Don't call the number on his collar, call me at 479-253-7110 or 479-644-8237. Stars and stripes collar with a name tag on it. Scout is about 59 pounds, is neutered, and has a recent surgery incision on his belly. See photo on Grassy Knob Community on Facebook. Thank you.
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    At the corner of Mundell Rd. and 187 on the marquee at that green house, is a message that says "2 Hounds Found." Call 981-zero four 75." I haven't been out that way in months, so that sign could be old . . . but just in case, thought you'd like to know.

    There is also a post on the Eureka Road Conditions Facebook page about a lost white husky looking dog. But I'm not a facebook user, so can't post this info there. Could be one of the hounds found is this husky, too. He may be already be home but I can't read the posts to find out.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Scout, the golden, is found and home. Yay.

    The other dog, Maslow, is still missing. Husky mix, orange collar, almost white. I sure hope he’s warm in someone’s home.


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