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Thread: The “community center” needs a new name

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    Default huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by patmatsukis View Post
    call it straight up. why is Bill Featherstone the chairman on Park"s Commission and a member of the community center board? how do we know whose best interest he is representing? same with Al Larson...on the community boards and the school board.

    the lines are not blurred. they are erased.
    Pat, I respect you, I hope the feeling is mutual. The fact that Featherstone or Larsen are involved in more than one board in tiny town should not condemn them. Neither you, nor I have done so. I could not, perhaps you were denied, if you applied. I have not been impressed with Al's go along to get along school board service. I do remember Featherstone standing with the kids(on Parks) against the Hotels. Should Al or Bill be saying Pat has no vote on any board and should be ignored? No, but in tiny town, full of Mayors and Councils, Boards are hard to fill and if Al and Bill can serve (what is their reward?) for as long as they have, I believe a simple thanks is enough. If I am wrong PM me with facts or excoriate me here.
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    Akerue, I have nothing but good will here.

    In the school board voting to give a 20 year contract to the ESCC, with a total cost of 400.K, are you saying that a group of; gays, lesbians, latinos, Native Americans, Women, People of Color, etc, would have gotten the same deal?

    How does one represent both sides in these cases? We have all seen many instances, where, in this town, we say, "oh it's so and so, so let it go".

    Of course, many organizations overlap, we are a small town but in these cases of money, where do we draw the line?

    For example, the ESCC actively looks for grant monies and donations.
    Are they as much of a non-profit as Good Shepherd or others, meaning at the end of the day, should they sell, who reaps the benefits, if any?
    Non-Profits have very strict guidelines about this, meaning the non-profit boards don't profit in anyway and in some cases, may be libel for any debt of the non-profit. (isn't that what happened with the boys and girls club?)
    correct me if I am wrong.

    And then, there is the walking trails grant that was supposed to connect Clear Spring School and that area to Harmon Park. The grant was changed to do a walking trail around the ESCC, where Bill F also sits on the Board. Why did this change? ESCC doesn't need a trail anywhere. They have sidewalks all around. Will Park's maintain the trail on private land? Will the Park's get an easement?

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    I have to agree that the new schools are being underutilized relative to it's cost. ! One look at my property tax statement tells me how much of my taxes go to the public schools. I would feel a lot better about that if the facilities could be shared.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Barbear View Post
    His was in Today's Lovely County Citizen. it concerns the fundraising for the Community Center of Commerce.

    "The money was put to use in March when the community center launched a trial after-school program for all public, private or home-school children from kindergarten to sixth
    grade. More than 90 students enrolled in the program’s trial run.The program was meant to be held at the gym, Murphy said, but the discovery of mold pushed that back a bit. Instead, the community center funded the program and Eureka Springs Elementary School hosted it."

    So again, why do we need the cost of another multi-million dollar building when we can host after school programs at the school which the taxpayers are already paying for? I just don't see how this is a win for anyone except those who will profit from it. everyday there is more and more evidence that this is not a community center nor is it a need. We do not need competing venues for already existing structures that we are paying for.


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