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call it straight up. why is Bill Featherstone the chairman on Park"s Commission and a member of the community center board? how do we know whose best interest he is representing? same with Al Larson...on the community boards and the school board.

the lines are not blurred. they are erased.
Pat, I respect you, I hope the feeling is mutual. The fact that Featherstone or Larsen are involved in more than one board in tiny town should not condemn them. Neither you, nor I have done so. I could not, perhaps you were denied, if you applied. I have not been impressed with Al's go along to get along school board service. I do remember Featherstone standing with the kids(on Parks) against the Hotels. Should Al or Bill be saying Pat has no vote on any board and should be ignored? No, but in tiny town, full of Mayors and Councils, Boards are hard to fill and if Al and Bill can serve (what is their reward?) for as long as they have, I believe a simple thanks is enough. If I am wrong PM me with facts or excoriate me here.