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    Default Egan Wins Garlic Champion

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Frank Egan
    Egan Brothersí Farm 707.246.6452
    [COLOR=rgb(0.000000%, 21.568630%, 63.921570%)] [/COLOR]
    Dateline: 09/02/2017 Berryville, Arkansas
    Egan Wins Garlic Champion Award.
    For the third time in five years, Frank Egan has won a
    Champion award at the 2017 Carroll County Fair Horticultural Division. Eganís USDA Certified Organic garlic was awarded the Reserved Grand Champion ribbon. He is also Certified Naturally Grown and employs Biodynamic practices in his work.

    Said Egan, ď I am honored that the judge selected the garlic for this award. It validates my commitment to producing the finest vegetables without compromiseĒ.
    Egan has developed a new garlic product which will be available next week
    at the Eureka Springs Farmerís Market. Black Garlic (fermented) is a culinary treat which is sure to please the most discriminating palette.


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    Congratulations Frank - It didn't ever cross my mind that anyone else even had a chance.
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    Frank's garlic is the best evah! Congrats on the win, old buddy.

    Looking forward to trying out the black garllic! Sounds a little scary, but I'm game
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    WOW! I bought some of his FAMOUS garlic at the farmers market last Thurs!
    Good job, Frank.


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