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Thread: I guess nobody wants to talk about the right wing terrorism

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikeguy View Post
    Well, I got banned from Democratic Underground for posting my #24 post, above. I am grateful for having a greater ability to express my opinions here on GF.

    BTW, I tried to create a new account on Democratic Underground using a new email account, user name and password. I was still blocked probably due to my IP address.

    Be aware if you post on DU your IP address is recorded and saved. If you post on DU you're only one court order away before the brown shirts march down your driveway to take you to the camps.

    I'm sorry to hear that! Democrats are usually very good people who take it on faith that almost everyone else is as decent as are they. A slow drive through KKK country wakes a person up.
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    Back in 1968, just after Walter Cronkite declared the Vietnam war a stalemate, legend has it thal LBJ said "if I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America", or one on many other variations. Most likely myth, near as I can tell.

    But one wonders if, after today, Trump may well be saying "if I've lost Fox, I've lost my presidency"...

    "The CEO of 21st Century Fox has denounced racism and terrorists while expressing concern over President Donald Trump's reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    James Murdoch also told friends in a personal email that he and his wife, Kathryn, will donate $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League.
    Murdoch writes that the events in Charlottesville and Trump's response "concern all of us." He added: "I can't even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists.""


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    Always, in the back of my mind, I wonder where the concept of "superior" comes from. I first look at religious propaganda, but as much as I'd like to, I can't lay the blame there. Well, maybe not. I wonder if these superiors are "saved"

    Deb, this is what I'm thinking. Supremacist ideology isn't about superiority. It's about supremacy. It's about the wish to dominate, and making others small and powerless to more easily dominate them. "Superiority" is only a rationale that supports the urge to dominate.

    But any old rationale would do. If it takes rewriting religion, science, or history to get one, they'll do that. But really, they're only doing what they were going to do anyway, no matter what history or science or religion tells them.

    For someone who's given himself up to the urge to dominate, anywhere they are is their jurisdiction to rule. "Blood and soil" only mean that they've been planted somewhere for a while. For them, their domain has been invaded by barbarians and sub-humans, they're fighting to defend it.

    These Hitler fan boys have simply borrowed some else's rationale. Non-Europeans are inferior (stupid, lazy, morally deficient) women aren't suited to managing their own affairs, other people are just plain deviant mistakes of nature. When left to manage themselves, these inferiors and defectives don't properly exploit their resources or discipline themselves. God and nature intended them to be used and governed. Letting people who aren't equipped to govern themselves forget their places leads to their own frustration and chaos for everyone else. Neglecting their responsibility to rule literally spells the end of civilization as they know it.

    That's pretty much that's how the ancients justified dominating slaves, women and foreign people. But it was an old idea, even to them. Most language's for the word for "human" is some version of "us" Anybody who is not "us" is not quite human. This generation of cavemen aren't thinking or doing anything that cave men before them didn't. Their only distinctive for cavemen today is that they're trying to get their hands on the power of the US government with our President's blessing.

    Christianity doesn't support such a view of life, other people or the state. These folks press the word "Christianity" into service the way people all over the world and it's history have used religions as to keep order and regulate society to their liking. They've appropriated the word "America" to the same service.

    Here and now, when people base a claim in Christianity for dominance, it's only because it's the handiest religion to hijack. "Southern Baptist" was an invention to claim the divine right of some to own certain people and boss around everyone else. Southern Baptist "christians" organized as a reaction to the rest of Christianity's disapproval. In that sense, ISIS is Islam is with a KKK problem.

    Sound about right?

    If it were only a matter of freedom of thought and speech or made up religion, I'd be okay letting these people can run the lives of their own volunteers as they see fit only because dragging people kicking and screaming out of their arrogance is a hard, painful pursuit and is often fruitless.

    But they don't get to insist on remaining sub-Americans on American soil, under the protection of the government, outside of their own compounds or impose their delusion on anyone who didn't sign up to live that way. And they don't get a place at the table of a government it rejects and the people it was formed to serve. They want make America into something America was never meant to be. They don't get to do that, either.

    I don't have a problem handing their words back to them: If they don't want to be Americans, they can find somewhere else to be whoever they want to be. Just do it far, far away.
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