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    Hope the Indy collected payment up front.

    MMJ is the new snake oil for opportunists.
    Eureka has a fine history going back decades.

    No federal programs will work with MMJ.

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    Possibly not. However, medical MJ is in its' infancy of ? discovery of most pointed malady with method of delivery and many other ?'s.
    However, we know many thru our outlaw discoveries that are the remedy for horrible medical conditions.
    Antidotal evidence has Never killed a soul and is the least expensive way to linking human intolerable conditions with said MJ and the best of the delivery systems possible.
    Willy is not feeling the years of lung ingestion but happily avoiding many years of frikin' stress.
    His breathing which is his cash maker is showing its' history with MJ.

    But I hope the general public has concluded work or play inhalants are deadly harmful to the lungs which are necessary for a quality long life.


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