Samantha Bee fixes Bill O'Reilly's lame 'apology' in one perfect tweetSamantha Bee's response to Bill O'Reilly's statement about being let go from Fox News can be expressed in four letters: FTFY. In a tweet, the Comedy Central host promptly fixed up Bill O'Reilly's statement that went out a few hours after the conservative talk show host was fired from his Fox News show. SEE ALSO: Bill O'Reilly was fired from Fox News and this is the internet's go-to joke With just a few quick changes Bee took O'Reilly's five dry sentences to the next level.* For example, instead of the show entertaining "millions of Americans," Bee corrects it to say O'Reilly only entertained "dads." Truth. "Informed" becomes "lied to," and the most notable change: "It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims to finally get in trouble for being a sexual predator." Fixed. — Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB) April 19, 2017 Here's the original statement in its pure form: O’Reilly statement — Hadas Gold (@Hadas_Gold) April 19, 2017 Bee isn't the only one making jokes about O'Reilly's downfall. The entire internet chimed in about the development with the same joke, which all came only a few short weeks after a series of sexual harassment claims, revelations about $13 million in harassment settlements, and tons of fleeing advertisers. The internet was all about Bee's quick edit. @FullFrontalSamB That's exactly how I read it the first time! — Lisa Pajac (@ljpajac) April 19, 2017 @FullFrontalSamB OMG, I love this. The power of editing! Bringing TRUTH to light! — Patrise Henry (@PatrisewithanS) April 20, 2017 @FullFrontalSamB It is the quotes around "news" that really brings this to the level of utter perfection, lol. Well done. ;) — squirrelbite (@squirrelbite) April 20, 2017 @FullFrontalSamB Brilliant!?? — Suzapalooza (@Sawyer1313) April 19, 2017 @FullFrontalSamB @MichaelSkolnik Perfectly done. I'd give you an A++++ if I were grading your work. — Pat Germelman (@PatGermelman) April 20, 2017 Dads and those close to them, however, took issue with being lumped in with O'Reilly fans.* @FullFrontalSamB @KristenePerron Kind of harsh to the Dads of America, aren't you? — Karla Schwartz (@MidwesternMind) April 20, 2017 @FullFrontalSamB Awesome c'mon why hate on Dads here? — Bill Poutre (@bill_poutre) April 19, 2017 Fox News, for its part, is in the midst of some editing too — it's eliminating all things O'Reilly from prime time. The scrubbing is official cc @brianstelter — Jack Cooke (@JackCookeInNY) April 20, 2017 .@FoxNews has removed O'Reilly from it's shows page. Show is simply marketed (till Friday) as "The Factor:" — Louis Ortiz (@LouisOrtiz92) April 19, 2017 As Bee pointed out with her tweet, it's going to take a lot more scrubbing to clean up this mess. WATCH: Bill O'Reilly is finally out at Fox News, but hold off on your victory dance