Little Creek Bee Ranch, in Inola, Ok.May 24, 2013
Wintergreen Grease recipe

This is one of our favorite Bee recipes. This is our "hat trick" recipe. We can knock out Tracheal mites, Varroa mites and Small Hive Beetles, all in one shot. Here's the ingredients list.

4 lb's of regular Sugar

1 1/2 lb's Crisco (use name brand, not the cheap stuff, stays firmer)

1 lb of Honey

2 oz's of Natural Wintergreen Oil.

Mix the sugar and Crisco grease together completely. It will look too dry. Keep turning it. When you add the 1 lb of Honey, warm the Honey in the microwave before adding. This helps to mix it completely and is easier to do so. Mix well. The Honey will turn this mix to much like thick cookie dough. I liken it to putty. When it's all completely mixed, make a shallow hole in the middle. Measure out 2 oz's of Wintergreen oil in a glass measuring device. A shot glass @ Wal-Mart has markings on it, comes in handy here. Mix this W.G. oil in completely. Done. I store my W.G. grease mix in the frig, to keep it firm. When we add this to the back of the rabbit, the warmth from the colony will thin this mix out a bit. So I want it firmer, versus thinner, after I've mixed all the ingredients. Only apply this to the number of frames the bees are working. If 5 out of 10, then add it to the back rabbit on those 5 frames. If it's a full 10 frames, add all the way across. If you run double mediums or double deeps, this mix needs to go in between these boxes on the back rabbit. We use a large metal soup spoon to deliver this mix. Much like you'd see in a cafeteria line. We also use a paint brush. After your work is done, use the paint brush to dip into your bucket of W.G. grease and apply a little around the edges of the box BEFORE closing everything back up. Why? This helps to keep the bees, from sticking the boxes together so tightly. The next time you come out to open and inspect, you'll find that these boxes are much easier to get apart. Enjoy!