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    Quote Originally Posted by shuggie View Post
    Medicare plus Ins. paid the for the FULL COST, with not a cent of money out of my pocket at the time or afterwards, for A Heart Valve Transplant plus 82 Days of intense Hospital Care for CIDEF Infection, (24/7) nursing and doctors care. All For just the same monthly membership payment.
    I could not in a life time have ever paid of those cost in my life time!!!
    It cost me not one red cent.

    Needless to say I want to Keep this same coverage for myself.
    Additionally, I want you and yours to have this expert care if or when you too are surprised by shredding a heart valve one ordinary day.

    Imagine this;
    We pay for each other thru insurance instead of having to hold benefits for a drop in the bucket of the total cost of coverage for life or death services. But most people in our population have great health but do not want to get caught without coverage should a social epidemic hit in their region.

    I understand when you are in good health and can't imagine the death defying task of saving your life after an accident etc. But on this one you must believe your elders. In a Capitalist Nation you must have individually or group paid insurance OR Socialist Medicine for total group coverage.

    Medicine is a skill. Not like this presidential administration where you can just whip it out Willy-Nilly with out a learners license. Government apprentices can kill off folks left and right daily by the signature of a pen without taking a bit of the blame.
    Well, you've chosen this one to thin the population and increase those birth defects among you, so we'll see in black or living colors how you're plan/with leader works for the whole country.
    It will be interesting.......but it frightens me a lot.
    because That MAN is crazy.

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    Here's a news flash for those a year away from Medicare. If you are 64 years of age and have an income of $26,500 for the year, your premium will cost 60.2% of your income under the "new, better" plan proposed... and you think you have problems now. Source? Congressional Budget Office

    Love you Shuggie, life can knock you down but never take your Moxie.
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    "They tried to bury us, but did not know we were seeds." Mexican proverb

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    Today's segment on A.M. Joy (MSNBC) "Who won the Week?".... the usual high profile suspects were put out there because of the bellly flop of the Republicans, Pelosi, Obama etc.. The answer?? Jeff Jeans!! They followed with an explanation to the millions who do not know Jeff with a great clip of "Reagan activist" Jeff Jeans giving Paul Ryan a lesson on Obamacare saving his life.

    The week was won by all the activists that have suited up and showed up staring with the Women's March and hundreds of Town Halls and Jeff was their face this week. Hat's off to all.
    "They tried to bury us, but did not know we were seeds." Mexican proverb


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