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    Well the ye old fig bush let me down this year only a dozen or so figs ripe. Lots of bush not many figs.. The bush is 8 feet tall and 8 feet around, just no figs.
    With a sigh and fig on my breath i bid you all good nite, but wait Ron eby had loads of figs on his tree. I must be not living right. The two purple figs i planted last year are doing great also..A couple green figs. With losing two bee hives and no figs i might have to take up adding coco to my milk. Plus all the elderberries i found were tiny and all dried up. Been kinda dry the last month. Rant over. But wait i found a puff ball mowing,,sliced the bugger up and fried it..At least something good is happening, But wait haven't found any since.
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