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    Arrow Making & Distributing Seed Balls

    I love reading . There is so much information, especially about permaculture and rocket stoves.

    This is the forum at the site and they're discussing making and distributing seed balls for different applications. I'm wondering if anyone here does this and if so, where do you go for the red clay. Also, what seeds do you use and how well do the seeds germinate and grow?

    I know of one area to go for red clay way out in the country, but wonder if it is difficult to find in NW Arkansas.

    Happy growing - interested in everyone doing indoor starts vs outdoor seeding. My gardening fervor is building!!!

    This is my starter garden so far:

    In process of starting a new raised bed:

    The beginnings of an avocado tree forest:

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    Amend the soil with gypsum. Use B12 diluted during planting. Place a rinsed, empty egg shell for each tomato plant/seed in each hole. The ones with egg shell will fruit faster, bear fruit longer & be more prolific.


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